Musical Bingo: The 90s


Thursday, Sep 17
8:00pm - 10:00pm EDT

Descendants is bringing back Musical Bingo. It's going to look at little different but it's still going to be awesome!

Hostess with the Mostess, Rebecca, will bring Musical Bingo every Tuesday and Thursday. The same theme will be used on both Tuesday and Thursday each week!

We are restricted to 50 guests maximum so reservations must be made in advance. Reservations must be made online via our Reservation Button. Reservations are not confirmed until you receive an email from Descendants with a confirmation. We cannot guarantee that you will get a reservation, we will accommodate everyone as best we can on a first come, first served basis.Reservations are for groups of 6-10 guests only at this time.

We ask that you bring your own crayons, dabbers, etc. and that you bring some sort of noise maker so you don't need to yell BINGO when you've won. We are really looking forward to bringing this back for everyone. Make your reservation today! This week's theme is THE 90s

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